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      Frequently asked questions


      How much does it cost?

      Access for commercial agents to the operator inventory is completely free. Now & forever.

      What information can I find?

      General information to help you close more deals, from marketing collateral on locations and services offered, to live inventory on those locations as well as contact information for booking viewings. In some cases, operators also communicate their terms of working with brokers, and the corresponding fees & incentives they're willing to pay.

      How can I consult the data?

      You can subscribe to a weekly availability report, login on the platform or build an API connection staright to your database.

      Who can access?

      Access to inventory data is shared exclusively with people working at agencies and broker firms which are trusted by any of the operators active on Rialto in your market.

      Do we have rights to reuse the information?

      Yes, the extra layers of transparency in information should serve you to optimise your content and processes. You're permitted to list any of the operator locations you were shared access to over Rialto over any of your channels without requiring individual consent of each of the operators.

      Do operators expect anything from me?

      No, there is no change required in the way you're currently interacting with them. Operators believe you'll find it easier to consult their inventory and keep their offering up to date on your website and your marketing materials.

      How can we manage our company and contact information?

      Colleagues of a single agency and broker firm will be registered under the same company account. You can appoint 1 or more company account holders which can manage your company information such as: team, subscription preferences, integrations

      Is there an inventory API we could connect with to automate the data collection?

      Yes, we feature a well documented inventory API which can be accessed by you and your tech teams. Please find the documentation here. We will require you to sign our Terms of Use for the API. Depending on the use, the use of the API will be charged for.

      Which geographies do you serve?

      Rialto is operating in any region our customers want us to. Today, the main markets we're operating in are The UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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